A bespoke solution for office chair identification

At Knight, we pride ourselves on offering a quality service to a range of customers, regardless of order quantities or the size of the job. Smaller solution-based projects are an integral part of our business, which is why our tooling and moulding capabilities are open to all.


Recently, a commercial business approached Knight looking for a plastic solution as a label holder for chairs they sell. In large offices the clients’ customers often face a challenge of staff defacing chairs so they can identify which is theirs when they get moved around. The customer needed a plastic label holder of a specific size that could be easily clipped on to the chairs so that staff can put their names on them in a presentable way, without damaging them.


To coincide with the new method of identifying chairs, the client wanted the plastic to be a particular shade of grey to match other office furniture. As a company known for being able to produce mouldings in any colour, Knight was easily able to match the colour specification.


Knight worked with the client on a concept and then produced a prototype design using our in-house 3D modelling facility. Following consultation with the client to ensure the design was perfect, we were able to make an injection mould tool and produce the quantities the client needed.


The client is extremely pleased with the label holders they are now supplying to their customers – Knight will be producing these for the client on an ongoing basis.


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