Motorway barrier cap – design, tooling and moulding under one roof


Enhancing highway safety by capping the top of motorway barrier stanchions simply makes sense, so we were delighted to be approached by a major multi-national company with just such aspirations.   The product concept was about preventing sharp-edge injuries, especially among highway maintenance workers, by supplying a soft-edged plastic cap to these upright post components,...

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ISO-approved tooling for export customer


We were delighted to receive a referral from an existing client, granting us the opportunity to pitch to a potential major new customer who was already working with toolmakers worldwide.   This company was looking for a reliable, collaborative toolmaker and moulding specialist who could understand their business requirements and ways of working, with a...

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Construction safety product – helping our client win investment through design


Knight was approached by a customer with an innovative idea to improve safety in the construction sector, but who hadn’t yet gone far beyond the concept stage as he required further investment in the project.   It was part of our remit to not only undertake tooling for the client, but actually get involved in...

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Low volume lift components


This client is one of the leading suppliers of replacement components for the lift industry. It found itself experiencing a number of issues due to the existing supplier being ill-equipped to manage the demand being placed on it. The resulting consequence was that stock was often unavailable for delivery when it was needed and stock...

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Supplier integration and space saving


This major client had undergone rapid expansion and found its existing plastic injection moulded supply chain system could not keep up, presenting numerous challenges.   By receiving weekly deliveries in pallet quantities and being forced to insure against quality issues (relating to a previous supplier); and by keeping significant extra stock to hand in case...

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