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Customer service


We’ve developed our business by directing our time and resources to giving our clients exactly what they want.
We offer our customers real care from our UK teams, available on the phone, email or in person even at short notice.
What we’ve learned is that in order to win repeat business, we need to treat our client with openness and warmth in all communication, which we ensure is regular and with the right people within your organisation.

We’ll happily pass on practical technical advice to our clients and our track record is such that customers return to us, time and again.


Value for Money


By combining our attitude of ‘customer care first’ with competitive pricing which rivals that found anywhere in the world – without compromising on quality or cutting corners – we’ve made ourselves a leading proposition in the market.
The additional services of design, injection mould tooling, product assembly, product storage and distribution further enhance the value of our offering, and by placing all these requirements in one place you can really benefit in terms of cost, logistics and convenience.

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Resources and Capability


Our operational capacity is backed up by sister companies Knight Precision Tooling (which designs and manufactures high quality injection mould tools, press tools, jigs and other engineered products), and Knight Fire and Security (which manufactures fire safety and personal security devices and has an excellent manufacture, product assembly and finishing shop).
This combination of our businesses means that we can handle your product from start to finish (including 3D CAD), or offer just one stage of the process, or go the whole hod with a full package that reaches from pre-design to distribution.




We don’t just want to work in our community; we want to be a part of it.

That’s why we employ local designers, engineers and operatives. It’s why we support local charities and sporting groups with sponsorship and assistance. It’s also why we support our staff in their own charitable endeavours, and offer regular and ongoing training for all our people.

Together, we’re making our community a better place to live and work.




100% recycling of plastic, card, polythene, wood and other material means nothing is wasted at Knight Precision Moulding. Our
processes are energy-efficient, as are our machines and even our offices and production facilities – in accordance with Carbon Trust guidelines.
We understand that your business has environmental concerns also, so we work with you to ensure our products help you to reach your sustainable goals in terms of waste, manufacturing energy consumption and our determination to mitigate use of hazardous materials.


Customer Care


Quality, local customer care is what sets us apart from our competitors. Ours is a business which is founded and developed not on the simple basis of order volumes, but on helping our customers to meet their product goals.

We work with you to get the results that you’re after, offering advice and support along the design and manufacture process.
We understand what it takes to produce the results you’re after, so you can rely on us to look at the big picture and make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.