Deal or no deal it could still be great news for UK manufacturing


Brexit has brought many challenges for UK industry in a time of significant uncertainty. As March 29th looms closer businesses will be making final plans in preparation for Brexit. But what can we do as a manufacturing industry to ensure we are resilient to the challenges that may be coming our way?   Establishing closer relationships and trading...

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Spread the cost of Tooling

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Our country is full of innovators, inventors and budding geniuses, bursting with clever ideas to take product design forward and make a name for themselves. But we have to accept that getting an idea from fag-packet scrawling to in-the-hand product is a long and challenging road, and many designers will cite the cost of tooling...

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Time for UK manufacturing to shine


Import costs rise as pound loses strength   We’ve always been proud of our UK moulding offering – it has long been competitively priced against Far East imports and our range of services is hard to beat: machines sized 40T to 575T; in-house assembly and storage; electrical testing; tool maintenance; upgrades and modifications etc.  ...

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Reshoring gathers pace

madeinuk update

Reshoring – the practice of bringing manufacturing back from the Far East to Europe – is gathering momentum.   Consultants PwC, in a recent report, noted that the trend could create between 100,000 and 200,000 extra jobs in the UK over the next decade, boosting national output by up to £12 billion.   Reshoring is...

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Knight supports product designers

product design

With its one-stop portfolio of skills, the Knight Group is increasingly being called on by product designers to support new product development.   Prototyping, mould design and short run batch manufacturing can all be carried out within the group, providing a short cut to market testing. And for those whose products really start to see...

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Large, Multi-Tool Project Under-way at KPM.


A 14 tool project has been completed on time at South Wales based precision injection moulding company, Knight Precision Moulding. Working against tight time schedules, KPM’s team of experts and their well-equipped facilities managed to run the 14 tool project, with successful trialling, approved samples and first production runs being completed for the urgent lines,...

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