We work hard to ensure our highly experienced management teams and operational staff are motivated, well looked after and well trained. We are dedicated to employing the best to ensure that our customers get the kind of service and care they really want.


As we are UK (Cardiff) based we can offer a direct and personal approach to our customers.


Process for Moulding / Injection




Over the last 25 years in the industry we’ve developed flexible processes which are matched to suit the exact needs of our clients. We are capable of producing a high quality and volume output with a quick turnaround that can rival businesses from all over the globe, while keeping our customer service at an entirely local level for our customers’ convenience.

We ensure client involvement all along the manufacturing process, and our experts are always on hand to answer customer queries, including technical enquiries.

We will continue to hone our processes over the next 25 years, based on worldwide industry trends and feedback from our value customers.



Your product will be manufactured and controlled entirely on the basis of quality and – as our name suggests – precision.

We realise that there are alternatives worldwide for those looking for bespoke plastic injection mouldings, but we also realise that our customers want a level of quality, service, accessibility and advice that such competitors cannot hope to offer to the level that we do. Injection moulding products sourced from e.g. China are no longer as cost-effective as those from UK, and naturally don’t come with the level of service that we’re able to offer.

The precision of our machinery combined with the accuracy and skill of our engineering staff is such that we can service those clients whose product requirements allow little margin for error.