Time for UK manufacturing to shine

Import costs rise as pound loses strength


We’ve always been proud of our UK moulding offering – it has long been competitively priced against Far East imports and our range of services is hard to beat: machines sized 40T to 575T; in-house assembly and storage; electrical testing; tool maintenance; upgrades and modifications etc.


So with Brexit a reality the weakening pound means import costs are on the up, making those Far East manufacturers even less attractive to UK businesses looking for quality moulding – a developing trend in recent years that’s only reinforced by this summer’s event.


We consider this our time to shine as a UK manufacturer. Our in-house resources range from 3D design and prototyping to precision engineering, injection moulding, assembly, testing and warehousing. We’re welcoming UK businesses to enquire with us and see what we can do for YOU.


If you are still in doubt then why not benchmark Knight against your current offshore supplier?


Tim Wegener, MD Knight Manufacturing Group Ltd



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